So…how does this work?

After an initial planning session where we discuss what type of travel you’re interested in and if we want to work together, I’ll provide you with 2-4 options and we'll continue to make adjustments until the itinerary is exactly what you're looking for.

I book everything I can and I handle all of the details. You'll receive a digital itinerary with all of the information you need. Plain and simple.

How do you get paid?

Commission is built into all travel you buy online, so when I book your trip, I earn commission from the company. There is little to no out-of-pocket expense for you to use my services.

Do you charge fees?


I charge a fully refundable planning fee that you will receive back when you take your trip. This protects me from doing a lot of work for a trip that doesn't take place. I may also charge a planning fee if the trip you are looking for requires a lot of customization, research, or companies that do not work with travel advisors.

I also have access to net rates and wholesale pricing, so I may find a hotel or resort for several hundred dollars less than you could. In this instance I do charge a wholesale fee, but even then you're saving money.

Remember, you aren’t just getting a vacation. You are getting full service, support, and peace of mind knowing there is nothing you need to worry about…except packing. No one likes packing.

Is it cheaper to use a travel advisor?

My clients come to me because they want my service. There are times that I have access to better rates than you can get, but that's not the point.

If you have a full time commitment (business, job, family, doing whatever you want) and your time is too valuable to be spent searching the internet for your dream vacation, I'm your best friend. If you want the cheapest rate you can get, look on Expedia. If you genuinely love researching and planning your own vacations, have at it (and maybe consider becoming a travel advisor).

At the end of the day, it’s about creating the best experiences in life and getting the best value for your money. The services a travel advisor provides can’t be bought at an online booking engine and the time you get back is literally priceless.

How much does a vacation package cost?

My clients usually set aside at least $5,000 per person for a 7 day vacation. I don't do cheap, I do exceptional and memorable. Of course there's always the outlier, but that's a good place to start getting what you really want. No one wants a disappointing vacation because they sacrificed what they envisioned to save a few bucks.

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