Hello Traveler!

Do you love the thought of seeing as much of the world as possible?

Have you always wanted to travel, but the idea of going on a big adventure is a little scary?

Would you hop on a plane in an instant if you knew where you were going and what you should do there?

Is your idea of the perfect vacation a combination of fun, relaxing, meeting new friends, learning local culture, and positively impacting the places you visit?

Meet Jenna
Your Travel Professional

I am a travel advisor who provides safe, sustainable, immersive experiences to your bucket list destinations – domestic and worldwide. 

I work with solo travelers, couples, and groups of friends who want to explore the world beyond cliché tourist traps. I will take care of every detail so you can truly enjoy traveling.

Finally, you can visit those bucket list destinations and experience once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

What do I do?

If you asked me what my dream job is, I would say a traveling photographer, an event planner, a psychologist, and a pastry chef. What do I actually do? I am a Certified Travel Agent and a Registered Dietitian (and I almost never take a serious picture).

In addition to my travel business, I do private nutrition coaching. I love the flexibility of working for myself, working from home, and building something I am proud of that makes me happy and helps people live their lIves to the fullest.

What are the benefits of using a travel advisor?

Save Time

It is easy to spend hours upon hours planning a vacation and feel like you’re getting nowhere. Sometimes, too much information is more harmful than helpful. Schedule a quick 30 minute planning session with me and your work is pretty much done! Let me take over the planning and you can spend your time doing what you actually want to do.

Professional Advice

Can’t decide where to go? I will help you narrow down your long travel wish list and find the trip that is perfect for you right now. If flexibility is a must, don’t worry. With a risk-free deposit, your plans can change without costing you a fortune, no matter what life brings up.

Safety & Confidence

The internet is full of sneaky marketing and too-good-to-be-true deals. Where do you start? Who do you trust? What deals are legit? Not to mention, traveling outside of the country can be a bit nerve wracking. 

By using a  travel advisor, you will have confidence that you will be safe, have everything you need, and you are getting what you pay for.